Christopher Lee Tribute
Gordon Willis Tribute 
Hans Ruedi Giger Tribute
Bob Hoskins Tribute 
Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day!
#2 - Game of Thrones  
The Great Beauty
Oscar Winner 
Paolo Sorrentino Tribute
The General
Paco de Lucia Tribute
Facebook Buying WhatsApp
Happy Birthday, Facebook!
(10 years of a trend story)
Paul Walker Tribute
Philip Seymour Hoffman Tribute
Carlo Rambaldi Tribute
8 Marzo
Pier Paolo Pasolini Tribute
Giulio Andreotti
Hotel Raphael
Bettino Craxi 1993
Storm Thorgerson Tribute
Pink Floyd
Ray Manzarek Tribute
The Doors
Brian Griffin Tribute
Brian Griffin Resurrection
Quentin Tarantino Birthday
Massimo Troisi Tribute
Lucio Dalla Tribute
This is a personal FanArt project, just for fun. Some of these images have been randomly selected via Internet search to improve my style and to learn to appreciate other people’s taste.
The selection of these images is an informative example of things that I like.
The project is a not-for-profit venture and has no commercial purpose. It is merely a way to develop and define a personal creative idea. Some images have been selected on the web, in forums and through search engines, and the chosen ones were not protected by copyright, nor was any limitation put on their use. The images have been re-edited through post-production and re-touching interventions. However, should any image unintentionally happen to infringe copyrights, please let us know via email ( and it will be immediately removed.

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